Frequently asked questions

How does Citefull determine the accuracy of content?

We have developed a 'known standard' inspired by international journalism oversite organizations. We then use technology to compare news content to that standard. All news content is measured on the same criteria without regard to bias. This way we can focus solely on the quality of the content.

I dont see my favorite news outlets as verified, why is this and how can you add them.

There are lots of news outlets that we have to address, and that simply takes time. The easiest way to let us know that you want a new outlet verified is to simply tell us which ones are most important to you. You can click the 'contact us' link, or you email us directly at

Citefull shows that obviously biased outlets are verified, how can this be accurate?

Citefull is interested in the accuracy of legitimate journalism. While biases can affect the point of view the content is directed from and thus the narrative, it is often still legitimate news even if it is biased. While biased news may be inconvenient, it isn't necessarily wrong.

I have some suggestions on how you can do better, how do I tell you about them?

You can give us feedback on our home page, contact us, or email us a You can also follow us on social media. We are very responsive and want your feedback.

Why Should I trust Citefull?

We hold everyone to the same standard, and that standard is displayed on every article's trust index page. It is important to note that we respect all opinions and viewpoints, this means that we are less focused on biases and more focused on determining the legitimacy of real news content. If you feel we could improve on this level, please let us know by contacting us or emailing us at

I am a journalist or domain expert, how can I get involved with Citefull?

We are always looking for qualified individuals who can help us realize our vision, working with world-class journalists and domain experts are part of this vision. If you feel that you can offer assistance or insights that can help us eradicate misinformation, please contact us or email us at

I found a bug while using Citefull, how can I report it?

We appreciate the feedback of users when it comes to fine-tuning our product, this is especially true in regards to bugs and errors. To report them please email us at We will get right on it!

I got an error message when using Citefull, how do I report it?

We appreciate the feedback of users when it comes to fine tuning our product, this is esspecially true in regards to bugs and errors. To report them please email us at We will get right on it!

What is Facebook doing about fake news?

While we are not in any way associated with Facebook and we can’t speak for them directly, they don’t seem to be doing enough. Facebook has taken the stance that permits its advertisers to post anything they wish. In the event that facebook determines that content is false, they simply suppress the posts. This means that fake news is still highly prevalent on Facebook.

What is the most accurate news source?

We evaluate many sources in realtime. As these sources meet their journalistic expectations over time, their index values improve. It is important to note that any legitimate news organization can meet these expectations, it is simply a matter of accountability.

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