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Content Verification

All in one place

We use technology to verify content the moment it is published. 

This helps restore confidence in news, confidence in journalism, and confidence in democracy.

When we talk about fake news, it's not the inconvenient news that politicians talk about when they don't want to concede problem statistics.

We want to fix the hard stuff. The misinformation, the disinformation, the manipulation of information. This is the thing that will destroy us.

With so much confusion around accurate information, Citefull offers an automated solution to allow users to get the most accurate news without sensational headlines, without clickbait, and without fake news.

Trust. Verified. News

Just the facts

A Scaleable, Technical Solution

Our smart contract platform executes a process around the content:

  • verifying the validity of the author's credentials

  • monitors and measures the content creation process

  • grades information and images

  • assigning our proprietary badge

  • Authority Figures can then add citations and moderate content


If content doesn't meet our professional journalistic standards, it's flagged and removed from the site.


Bye, bye fake news.

Strength in numbers

Join Our Active Community

Citefull engages avid news readers in real-time and establishes trust based on broad feedback.


Citefull equips you with an accurate consensus of the information given.  


Citefull empowers news readers to stick with a story as it evolves, and meaningfully engage with journalists. 

Citefull is your community. Become a member, today.

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